The Fastest and Easiest way to fill in your license keys

Save time and hassle with one-click input filling - no more struggling with copy and paste or trying to remember your keys. Start saving time and hassle on every website you build! Get License Buddy!
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Auto-pilot your license keys


Stored and Encrypted in the Extension's Local Storage.

Fully Secured

No security concerns unless someone has access to your PC.

Time Saver

It's a great time saver for anyone who installs a lot of plugins or themes.

Perfect for Developers

Put you SAAS license in one extension to manage and automatically fill up.

Bloat Free

This extension doesnt make your browser slower. It only takes up 33KB.

No Data Breach

We don't have any access to your license key. You are 100% safe with this.

One-click to fill in license key

Are you tired of copy-pasting license keys, filling in the fields one by one each time? With License Buddy, you just have to do it once!
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bulk importer

Bulk import your licenses from a CSV file

You can import your licenses from a CSV file and have them all stored in one place.

Add your licenses manually one by one

In order to get your licenses in the system you need to go to 'Add New Key' and then fill in your license key to make it work.
license one by one

We dont have any access to your license key

Your license keys are stored in your local storage and we don't have any permisson to access it.

How to use License Buddy


Install License Buddy Browser Extension

Simply add License Buddy to your browser from the Chrome Web StoreEdge Add-ons or the Mozilla Add-ons marketplace. It's free to use and will save you time managing your software licenses.

Navigate to a License Page

When you reach a license page, click "Add key from current URL", License Buddy will grab the URL and prompts you to fill in license details. it will the be automatically encrypted and saved securely to your browser local storage.

Auto-Fill Your License Key

With one click, License Buddy will auto-fill your license key, saving you time and effort.

Enjoy Effortless License Management

License Buddy makes managing and filling license keys a breeze, so you can focus on what really matters - building websites.

License Buddy is trusted by industry experts worldwide.

Agency Owner
As an agency owner, I can easily fill up my license key to my plugins and theme.
Web Developer
This extension is a perfect tool for a developer like me who always copy and paste my plugins license key on everyday basis.
Oxygen Builder Dev
With all the third party plugin for oxygen builder and handling many clients, I can now easily manage my license key faster.

Works perfectly in your browser.

Extension for Chrome
Requirements: Chrome Version 89 or later
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Extension for Brave
Requirements: Brave (Chromuim Version 89 or later)
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Extension for Edge (Edge Add-ons)
Requirements: (Chromuim Version 89 or later)
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Extension for Firefox (Now Available)
Requirements: Firefox Version 109 or later
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Please read before you ask

Frequently Asked Questions

License Buddy is a Chrome extension that helps users autofill a single license input field for plugins or themes. This extension is a great time saver for anyone who installs a lot of plugins or themes, or for anyone who just wants to save time and hassle when building websites.
If you build websites, then you know how time-consuming it can be to manually fill in license keys for all the different plugins and themes that you use. License Buddy saves you time by automatically filling in those input fields for you.
Using License Buddy is simple. Just install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, add your license keys manually, or bulk import them from a CSV file. Then, click on the extension icon whenever you need to fill in a license input field. The extension will automatically detect the page and prepare the key accordingly. License Buddy is the quickest and simplest way to manage your license keys!
No, you can use License Buddy without creating an account. However, if you want to save your licenses for later use, we recommend you get the pro version and connect to Google sheets.
The pro version allows you to save your licenses in a Google sheet, so you can easily access them later. In addition, the pro version gives you access to our support team in case you have any questions or need help using the extension.
No problem! Just update your keys in the extension, and they will be automatically filled in the next time you visit a site that requires a license.
Yes, License Buddy is a free extension that is available for download from the Chrome Web Store.
If you still have questions about License Buddy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], and we will be happy to help!