Adding A License

Here we have explained, how we can add a license key. License buddy also provide bulk way to import mutiple licenses at once but we have explained that here. Lets get started.

Watch this video it will give you idea how it works.

Step #

Click on extension

To open the License Buddy extension, simply find and click on the icon located in the top right corner of your browser. With a single click, a new window will appear, revealing the user-friendly interface of License Buddy. From there, you can add a new license key.

Step #

Click on "+" Button

Once you open the License Buddy extension. You can see a plus button at the bottom right corner of the extension. When you click on that button you will see a screen where you can add a new key.

Step #

Fill out the form

Adding license screen contains a form with numerous fields. Here’s the description of each field.

License Type:

You can select single and multiple. Single is for tools that provide just one license key. To understand about multiple read this.

License Site:

It’s optional. You can add tool’s website link for easy access.

License Name:

Add the plugin name like Bricks Builder, ACSS, etc. This will help you identify it.

License Key:

Ofcourse! Add the license key. So, you can utilize it.

URL Contains:

So, this is an interesting part. Each plugin has its own URL to add license keys. For example Bricks Builder license page is “”. Here “?page=bricks-license” is the unique path for Bricks Builder and you have to add this.

Or we have made things more simple. You can go to that page and then open extension and instead of plus icon click on “Add key from URL” Button and this will automatically get the unqiue Path.

Selector Types:

It’s to select input field where you want to add that license. There are three options. Auto Detect, Selector Helper and Custom. 

Auto Detect will works fine if you have only one input field on whole page. Selector Helper will help you navigate through page using buttons. And using custom you can inspect the code of input field and can get your own selector using tag, ID and classes. 

Step #

Add the Key

Then just click on the “Add New Key” button. And you’re done.

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