License Key Import and Export

The License Key Import and Export feature enables users to seamlessly import and export license keys. This functionality simplifies the process of transferring license keys between systems or sharing them with others. With this feature, users can effortlessly import license keys into their system from external sources and export license keys for backup or distribution purposes. This capability provides convenience, flexibility, and ensures smooth license key management.

Import from CSV

Users can import license keys from a CSV file by selecting the file and providing the necessary mapping for the CSV columns. License Buddy will create new license entries for each row in the CSV file. Here you can watch and learn the usage of importing a license.

Export to CSV

Users can export their license keys to a CSV file for backup or sharing purposes. The exported CSV file includes columns for license name, license type, license key, URL, and selector information. Here you can watch and learn the usage of exporting a license.

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